Shaktiman 1 LTR

Package MRP [Rs.] Offer Price [Rs.] Saving [Rs.] Point Value
1 LTR PACKING 450 360 90 9


  • Nutrient availability to the plant is improved.
  • Nutrient uptake efficiency is increased.
  • Fertilizer Application rates & Water Requirements are reduced.
  • Losses by Leaching are minimized. (Salt Injuries & damages to Root & Foliage are prevented.)
  • Soil Compaction is reduced due to fewer field operations.
  • Increase the quality, appearance, and shelf life of flowers, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Seaweed helps in root formation, plant hormones polyphenols, and carbohydrates.
  • Improve nutrients absorption through the roots.
  • Increase crop resistance to adverse conditions (drought, frost, salinity, hail, disease).
  • Improve flavor, color, firmness, and preservation of fruit.
  • Help the plant to produce its own protein easier, saving energy required to produce amino acids.
  • Benefit formation of the proteins and plant cells.