Frequently Asked Question

 When we use Chemical products in our farm it slowly reduces fertility of soil but in case of organic products it nourishes the soil and increase its fertility and increase yeild of farmers.

Regular products have many chemical additives in them which have side effect on human body but in case of Herbal products they manufactured by using natural raw material which don’t have any side effects on human body

KCM is one of the Government of India  certified Direct Selling company We have a wide range of innovative Organic and Herbal products along with interesting income plan.

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There  8 ways by which you can earn money in KCM
1. Retail Income 2. Matching Bonus Income 3. Stock point Income 4. Self Repurchase Income 5. Team Repurchase Income 6.Sponsor Commision 7. Royalty Income 8.Anual Award Rewards

KCM marketing team regularly organize marketing workshops and Training Programs along with that KCM marketing team give personal guidance to emerging marketing leaders.

No, KCM is purely Product Base Sell company.

Yes, KCM have all the necessary Government Certifications and license, you can find them in Certificate section of this website.
 Yes, KCM regularly organize workshops for farmers to educate them for organic farming. Along with that our technical support team provide on site guidance to farmers for their curries related to any crop.