Silica Super 500 ML

Package MRP [Rs.] Offer Price [Rs.] Saving [Rs.] Point Value
500 ML PACKING 650 520 130 17


  • It helps in the absorption of all micro & macronutrients.
  • It helps in photosynthesis. It increases leaf size and thickness.
  • Strengthens petiole of flowers, fruit, leaf. It improves color.
  • It reduces the toxic effect of chemical fertilizers & prevents sunburn.
  • It creates a 2.5-micron thick silicon gel layer around the cell which acts as a physical barrier for pathogens.
  • It reduces biotic and abiotic stresses and increases green pigments in plants.
  • It increases the shoot density and is known to be absorbed into the epidermal cells of leaf blades, which assist in increasing the rigidity of the crop stand.
  • Promote plant growth and increase photosynthesis of cereals, promote nutrients absorption. Increase the capability of cereals lodging resistance, restrain transpiration of crops.